Products That Can Help During Treatment

Orthodontic equipment and techniques are constantly updating and improving as new technology and information are discovered, fine tuned, and released to the public. These upgrades have made orthodontic work easier, quicker, and more comfortable than ever! Let’s look at some products we recommend at Christian Manley Orthodontics for a seamless, pleasant experience. Whether you are a new patient just starting or a current patient who wants to change their routine, this blog will have something for everybody, so don’t click away!

To Reduce Or Prevent Discomfort

Many people fear orthodontic work will be painful, and while we, unfortunately, can’t promise a painless experience, we can offer some ways to manage and prevent discomfort or complications. (But we can promise it’s not nearly as bad as you probably think!)


If you wear fixed appliances like our metal or clear braces and live an active lifestyle, we strongly recommend investing in a mouthguard! These removable trays protect the teeth and braces from harm and prevent braces from causing injury to your cheeks and lips. Damage to braces caused by physical trauma can cause additional extensive and painful injuries to the mouth that can be time-consuming to repair. Wearing a mouthguard reduces this risk significantly and protects your orthodontic investment and smile! 

To learn more about mouthguards and help you decide which style is right for you, read our blog here.

Orthodontic Wax

Fixed and removable braces require getting used to having them in your mouth. They might poke, prod, and rub against your mouth, which can be annoying and cause irritation and canker sores. After a few days, you won’t even notice your braces, but you don’t have to suffer in the meantime!

Orthodontic wax is a removable, waxy substance that you can apply to the areas that are bothering you. It works by creating a shield that protects the cheeks, lips, and gums. Orthodontic wax can also help if braces are broken by covering sharp edges and holding loose brackets. 

This product stops irritation and prevents further problems from developing, so it’s a great item to have at your disposal throughout treatment!

If you have clear braces or aligners and don’t want to ruin your aesthetic, don’t worry! Orthodontic wax is transparent and blends right in, so you won’t ever have to choose style over comfort.

Icepacks, Over-The-Counter Pain Relief, and Orajel

Sometimes, more drastic measures than orthodontic wax are needed. In those cases, we recommend using ice to soothe and reduce swelling, Orajel to numb problem areas, and over-the-counter pain medication to relieve stubborn pain. Follow the appropriate instructions for safe and effective results.

For A Cleaner & Healthier Mouth

The success of your treatment relies heavily on your oral health, which is maintained by proper oral hygiene. There are health and cosmetic reasons for this. A clean mouth has less plaque, bacteria, and germs that can cause tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, and other complications that can risk the overall health of your mouth and complicate your orthodontic treatment. Those health issues can lead to lasting effects on your smile and damage its cosmetic appearance.

Dr. Manley suggests the following products for a beautiful, healthy smile during and after treatment.

Water Flossers*

These devices use jets of water to clean the teeth and gums to remove any stubborn food residue, plaque, or bacteria in hard-to-reach places.

Though people not participating in orthodontic treatment can and are encouraged to use water flossers, they are especially handy for orthodontic patients. Water flossers give patients healthier teeth and gums, and fresher breath. They help keep the mouth of braces and clear aligners patients squeaky clean by getting all the nooks and crannies of fixed appliances and removing residue that can stain aligners or clear braces. 

Interproximal Brush*

Another essential tool for orthodontic patients is an interproximal, or an interdental, brush. They are ideal for patients of all treatment types who have difficulty using thread floss because they can brush the spaces between the teeth. The handle is also more accessible for some patients to hold than thin floss. The portable brushes are small enough to fit behind the wires and between the brackets but large enough to clean effectively. They are great for people who are constantly on the go or are frequently in places where they cannot or don’t want to use a water flosser, like work, school, or a restaurant.

Clear Aligner Cleaners

Clean aligners can have the same bacteria and plaque as the teeth and gums, producing oral health concerns if not consistently cleaned. Luckily, cleaning your clear aligners is easy, and there are a few ways to do it so that you can pick the best option for you. Some cleaning options are using vinegar (with or without mixing with baking soda), unscented antibacterial soap, or cleaning solutions marketed for clear aligners, like the Invisalign Cleaning Crystals.

Before using any product on your clear aligners, ask Dr. Manley if it is safe! Your aligners are sturdy against everyday wear and tear, but harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and overexposure to a product can cause damage that might make them uncomfortable or more visible when worn.

*Water flossers and interproximal brushes are meant to be used in addition to traditional thread floss. Speak to Dr. Manley or your trusted dentist before removing thread floss from your routine.

Accelerated Orthodontics

We know that as much you love seeing us, your number one priority is to finish treatment as soon as possible! What if we told you we had a device to make that happen?

Christian Manley Orthodontics is thrilled to offer VPro 5 to our patients! This portable, hands-free device only requires twenty minutes of your day to speed up teeth’s movement. The VPro 5 uses painless, gentle vibrations so patients of all ages can experience it! With consistent and accurate use, you can cut your overall treatment time in half! If interested, ask Dr. Manley if you qualify.

Products That Can Help During Treatment

And That’s Not All! Visit Christian Manley Orthodontics To Learn What Else Can Work For You!

There are so many more products out there that can help you during your treatment. To learn more about these options and to receive personalized suggestions, contact Christian Manley Orthodontics to make an appointment at our Issaquah or Sammamish locations.

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