A Better Monitoring Experience

Weekly check-ins without ever having
to leave home!

Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring by DentalMind


Track Your Progress The Easy Way

Dental Monitoring is a high-tech way of monitoring your progress without regular in office appointments. Think of it as a new convenience-friendly answer to traditional office visits.

The mobile app makes it much easier to improve your orthodontic treatment and overall orthodontic experience. This way we can monitor your treatments performance weekly (and not your next scheduled appointment).

How It Works

With the DentalMonitoring app and ScanBox pro, you can now send in photos of your teeth and communicate with Manley Orthodontics from the comfort of your home - or anywhere in the world.

Step 1

At an in-person appointment, a Manley Orthodontics team member will provide you with directions on how to use the ScanBox pro and how to get started using the DM app.

Step 2

Next, you'll take photos of your smile from anywhere using the ScanBox pro (at the frequency Dr. Manley recommends) and send them in through the app.

Step 3

Dr. Manley will receive your photos to review your treatment and ensure it's on track without the need for unnecessary trips to the office. Dr. Manley will send communication and guidance on your treatment via the app.

Step 4

Over time, you can monitor the progress of your treatment with our photo-timelapse technology that shows how your teeth are moving towards your goal!

Our Patients Love Dental Monitoring

  1. Peace of mind knowing treatment is working.
  2. More predictable, faster treatment times (and less adjustments).
  3. Results worth smiling for!