How Can Accelerated Orthodontics Speed Up Your Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment options include clear aligners, metal braces, or ceramic braces. Each option has its own distinct benefits and methods for aligning your teeth, but the result is the same — a happy, healthy smile! The amount of time spent in treatment varies, from the type of treatment and the goals of your care, but it might range anywhere from six months to three years!

Many people are deterred from starting or completing orthodontic treatment because the time required for treatment can be intimidating. Luckily, there are ways to speed up treatment, known as accelerated orthodontics, without compromising comfort or results! 

At Christian Manley Orthodontics, we are proud to offer a variety of accelerated orthodontic treatments so you can see your ideal smile sooner. 

What is accelerated orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics are treatments that speed up teeth movement. This can be done by stimulating the jaw bone or encouraging the growth of the bone to decrease comfort and accelerate the shifting of teeth. Other options include customized orthodontic appliances. These treatments do not replace braces or clear aligners but play a supporting role in achieving the desired results.


Propel treatment enables us to make orthodontic treatment quicker by assisting in bone regrowth! As orthodontic appliances apply light pressure to your teeth over a period of time, your teeth begin to loosen, and the bone starts to break down. The broken down bone is reabsorbed and then rebuilt. This process is known as remodeling. The breakage and rebuilding are what allow the teeth to move. As the teeth move, new bone forms in their vacant spots. When the mouth is completely healed, the teeth will be secured in their final positions by the rebuilt bone.

Our Propel tool makes micro-osteoperforations (tiny holes) in the bone around the teeth. These holes encourage the release of cells to break down and heal the bone, kickstarting the remolding process and accelerating teeth movement.  

While drilling tiny holes into your teeth sounds terrifying, the procedure only takes a few minutes and only needs to be done a couple of times! You can complete this procedure (and your full orthodontic treatment) with confidence because Dr. Manley will provide you with fantastic care every step of the way.


Insignia braces are customized for your unique mouth, goals, and treatment needs. Your one-of-a-kind brackets allow optimal placement on the tooth for precise movement. 

We will take X-rays and scans of your gums and teeth to generate a digital model of your mouth. Using 3D imaging software, Dr. Manley will accurately and efficiently plan your orthodontic treatment. He can even show you a prediction of your final look! Digital planning also allows Dr. Manley to find potential complications or issues before treatment begins, giving you effective treatment with few problems.

With Insignia, every part of your treatment is tailored for you! You can achieve your orthodontic goals quickly with minimal problems or discomfort!

VPro 5 & AcceleDent

The VPro 5 can be a significant aid to your alignment process. This little device is a vibrating device that you bite down on while wearing your clear aligners for just five minutes a day. The machine gradually increases the vibrations to provide users with a pleasant and beneficial experience every time. It’s portable and wireless, so you can use it anywhere you like!

The AcceleDent is a similar vibrating device of slightly altered design that you wear for twenty minutes a day. Like the VPro 5, the device helps teeth more freely and shortens the adjustment period when inserting a new tray or tightening braces.

The vibrations of both appliances reduce discomfort in patients and promote speedy teeth alignment. The VPro 5 and AcceleDent may also replace chewies used to help seat a new aligner in the mouth. When your trays fit snugly without any gaps, it is easier and quicker for them to align your teeth! 

Whether you have braces or clear aligners, these tools can make aligning teeth much more comfortable. The less irritation you experience, the more likely you will finish treatment on or ahead of schedule!

How Can Accelerated Orthodontics Speed Up Your Treatment?

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Our goal is for every patient to finish their orthodontic treatment and be in love with the final results. We don’t want patients to be discouraged by the time commitment of treatment. Dr. Manley and his experienced team want to help make your smile dreams your reality.

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